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Welcome to CWI….

We are a leading manufacturer of office furniture located in Western Canada. Our standard product offering
encompasses furniture for every office application from private to open office, tables for collaborative areas through to corporate boardrooms, reception areas and virtually anything else you might require for your own unique
environment. Outside of the office environment we also offer solutions for the retail banking industry, healthcare and residential office applications. Our manufacturing process begins with raw material, which we guide through to final product. This process allows us the ability to produce a quality-controlled product.

Our History

CWI Manufacturing is a division of Creative Wood Interiors, which was founded in 1985. The business began with a passion for excellence in quality and the ability to provide creative woodwork.  The core values also include furniture flexibility and adjustability as well as beautiful design. Throughout the years we continue to prove our unwavering commitment to quality manufacturing and customer service. We operate in a fully automated manufacturing facility while still maintaining the hands-on detail our company was founded on.

Our Purpose

To provide office furniture of the highest quality made available through a dealer network.


To manufacture quality, long-term products, that we are proud to offer to our customers. To limit our impact on our environment so we can leave the world a better place for generations to come. To maintain our responsibility to our community and to our employees who come to work each day with a passion and enthusiasm to produce
outstanding products and service.

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